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Parasound P5 Preamplifier - Silver Face

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  • Parasound P5 Preamplifier - Silver Face

    $850 + actual shipping charges. I will eat the PP fee.

    I am the second owner of this excellent preamplifier, having bought it a month or so ago because I needed a pre with remote function capability (due to an injury that didn't let me get up to adjust volume very easily). It sounded terrific in my system, with both my SE tube amp as well as my First Watt J2 solid state amp. I believe the pre is approximately one year old.

    The preamp features a nice coax/optical/USB DAC, a phono stage with MM/MC capability, and HT bypass. I used the coax and optical inputs as well as the phono stage, and it sounded excellent. The condition of the preamp is excellent. The only mark I can find is a very small ding in the top edge of the faceplate, right above the "P". I honestly never noticed it in the rack, and only saw it as I was inspecting it prior to taking photos. I attached a pic that has the ding circled (which is magnified). Other than that, it is in near perfect condition, and functions perfectly. It comes with the remote, manual and all accessories, as well as the excellent double box packaging.

    I will charge actual shipping costs via UPS, unless another carrier is preferred. It is boxed up and ready to go, so I can ship the day after payment is received.

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    That is a beautiful looking preamp.
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      Outstanding preamp for sure, I was considering this and the A23 power amp.....but just purchased the Parasound Halo integrated instead. Both preamp sections have loads of in/out options as well as XLR.
      Someone will be happy with that P5!


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