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What a TUBE Deal ......9-12-17

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  • What a TUBE Deal ......9-12-17

    Got a lifetime supply of Type 46 directly heated output tubes on eBay this morning. Acted in 22 milliSeconds on a BIN - as soon as I saw the auction terms /description . Will split these with Greg, my friend with Valencias. I've DIYed a Type 46 DC SET amp for Greg, in April 2017. See the auction :

    Lovely way to start the day. I presently prefer 46s over 45s, sold ALL my 45s, because I hear a shallow but broad midrange power suck-out on piano, that NO ONE ELSE, except one person, ever hears ...or at least talks about. and I won't tolerate that, thank you ! I am able to hear these obvious differences is due to 100+ dB speakers, AND, an unusually high energy transfer efficiency through my entire ALTEC system.

    A single-plate symmetrical-filament JJ 2A3-40 "ATE" any of the ( 86 pieces of ) 45s I had, in the same circuit, when the JJ was " 45 " biased !! Sold off all de 45s.

    ALL of this is IMHO, IME, YMMV , usual disclaimers, have fun .

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    Nice get, Jeff.

    That's another thing to like about the Type 46 tube, at least at this point in time - they're still relatively affordable. I won a similar auction last year of a big box lot of goodies that included at least six matched pairs of nice 46s, some 47s (which sub in quite nicely for 46s, BTW) and a few nice rectifiers... all for less than the "going rate" of a good pair of 45s!


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      I feel like I truly wasted two years of my audio life, running a 45 DC SET amp on my ALTEC VOTTS, because of my late 2016 experience when subbing in a JJ 2A3-40 into my biased-for-45 circuit !! I then built a JJ 2A3 dual mono ( single chassis, large ) Amp and the 46 stereo Amp, January and April respectively......of this year.

      On my VERY well wired ALTECS, the 46 doesn't have the deficiencies in the midrange ( nonlinear power, a shallow suck-out ) that the 45 has ( on demanding-to-reproduce classical piano, etc. ) But, Redboy, the DC 46 amp was not meant for me - JUST something I designed and built for an old audio friend.

      For myself, I have disassembled the JJ 2A3 40 dual mono I had built in January, and in Q4 2017, 'am rebuilding it as two totally separate monaural amps, so I can better optimize the LAYOUT ..... This upcoming pair will be what I live with, here on out IMHO.
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    Good deal! I'd like to try them myself.


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      What a bargin!

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