A Toy Box For My Son

Discussion in 'Non-Audio' started by StevenZ, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. StevenZ

    StevenZ Active Member

    So, figured after about a year of talking about it, I'd begin on a toy box for my kid. So far, so good. Just need a few more coats of the sealer/top coat and ordering the hinges. I didn't choose the cedar for it's smell, but rather its looks. However, I may leave the inside unfinished to get some of the smell still; I'm not fully decided yet.

    While I can't take 100% credit for the full build, I did design it and I'm doing my own finish work. However I had one of our workers build the actual box after the parts were cut on our CNC router. With a kid in full blown "terrible twos" and a set of twins on the way, spare time is a thing of the past so I did what I had to do.

    20180601_141212.jpg 20180601_140953.jpg 20180612_105516.jpg 20180612_111415.jpg 20180612_111425.jpg
  2. Celt

    Celt Peanut Head

    Looks really nice, Steven! Love that cedar smell!
  3. marantzfan

    marantzfan Administrator Staff Member

    That’s far nicer than any toy bin I’ve ever seen. ;)

    I really like the character of that cedar.
  4. Thermionics

    Thermionics Post Whore In Training

    Whatever you do, make sure the hinges on that beautiful toy chest don't allow the lid to slam shut.

    (my sister broke my finger when I was 2 because of a toy chest lid)
  5. StevenZ

    StevenZ Active Member

    I'm doing piano hinges in the back and soft close counterbalance hinges. It won't slam unless it gets slammed and should stay open at any position you put it at.
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  6. Audionut

    Audionut Next Round Is On Me

    Very nice box, nothing wrong with hired hands. I’ve had to delegate a few home projects with how busy I’ve been at work lately.
  7. SPL db

    SPL db Junior Member

    Very nice! The woodgrain really pops!
  8. Thermionics

    Thermionics Post Whore In Training

    My pinkie finger thanks you. :)

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