Audio Innovations Classic 25 visiting the system.

Discussion in 'Tube Gear' started by Prime Minister, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

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    Further to the discussion in another thread, I thought trying out a Class A tube amp would be a good plan. So a 90's vintage, British, Audio Innovations Classic 25 is now in the system. This one is running 5881's, and will get a set of real Mullard 12 AX7's and 12AU7's in the AM.

    Nicely built little guy. Iron looks very serious. Weighs about 40 lbs.
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  2. Richard Austen

    Richard Austen Junior Member

    Audio Note UK amp before Audio Note. Audio Innovations was formed by Peter Qvortrup in the 80s. I'm kinda impressed that it still works. :)

    Hey here is your amp with my old AN J speakers

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  3. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    It's actually been fully restored, with better then factory bits. I have heard they were the bee knees with Snell speakers, so liking your Audio Notes is not a surprise.
    Nice looking setup, btw.
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  4. JohnVF

    JohnVF Administrator Staff Member

    I'm going to make a prediction that the amp outlasts the speakers you bought it for :).
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  5. opa1

    opa1 Moderator Staff Member

    I think that should have enough power! Nice.
  6. airdronian

    airdronian Junior Member

    What are the current output tubes ?
  7. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    They are Russian 5881's of some kind. I wish I could tell you more!
  8. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    Yeah, the 20 WPC is plenty.
  9. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    That could happen too! :)
  10. Thermionics

    Thermionics Post Whore In Training

    Very nice looking!

  11. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye Senior Member

    That looks lovely! Just the thing for the cold snap we have coming back, too!
  12. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    It's not actually that hot. I'd say the Densen warms the room better.
    It looks better in the flesh then the pictures suggest. Like a piece off of a WW2 British battleship.
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  13. airdronian

    airdronian Junior Member

    I have an amp that is based on 5881. Of the tubes that I've rolled thru, one of my top 2 faves was the Tung-Sol 5881 reissues. If you have a need to replace the existing outputs at a reasonable price, you could do worse than these. (I have :() YMMV and all that of course.
  14. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    The reading I've been doing supports that. Good to hear a trusted source believes that too!

    How were they tonally? Warm? Detailed? Lush?
  15. airdronian

    airdronian Junior Member

    Honestly, I think's review hits it. (abbreviated below)

    "The Tung-Sol 5881 tube may be the best option available for guitar toting tone freaks. The magic is definitely not in the name. The new Tungsol 5881 tube has it all going on. The pair I evaluated has been seeing steady gigging use for about 8 weeks. ..... The tone is everything you would expect from NOS for about 1/3 of the price. These are full spectrum bottles that deliver everything from the classic, deep, "piano-like" lows to crystal clean highs."

    I wouldn't say lush, these give seemingly accurate bass and it comes across as clean throughout. Nice top end. Other tubes I rolled included JJ 6L6GC which have performed well for me but offered what I consider the more stereotypical tube sound - warm, somewhat loose bass and sparkly highs. This tube demonstrated for me what I think has been described as "chime". That being said I don't mind them at all.

    The Tung-Sol reissue 5881 really does have good tone and balance IMO, and I'll buy again. The set I have is now out of rotation and one tube was buzzing when last tested so they're retired now. No complaints, they have well over 3000 hours on them.

  16. Celt

    Celt Peanut Head

  17. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    Nice looking amp. Be interested to hear your impressions when you roll in some different 5881s.
  18. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye Senior Member

    So I gather this is no longer in the "visiting" category, but has found a home?
  19. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    That's pretty safe to assume. :)
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  20. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye Senior Member

    Glad it has found a loving home!

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