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Discussion in 'Everything Audio' started by rusomon, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Dang! Double dang!

    After the better part of a year on the wait list for an AMPCAMP kit finally, at last, this past Sunday I saw the email notifying me they were back in stock. Unfortunately, at that point the email was already nearly a week old, owing to it having been shunted by gmail into some "Promotions" backwater that is separate from my "Primary" email. My mistake, I suppose, was in assuming that because my request to be put on the wait list was directed from one gmail locale the response would ultimately end up in that same place. Umm, nope. You snooze you lose. Sold out. Live and learn.

    In short, back on the wait list.

    Thanks for indulging the whine, folks. (I guess I just need my hair tousled and for somebody to say, "Tough break, slugger.")
  2. Thermionics

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    Sorry. That sucks.
  3. Prime Minister

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    You and Me both!
  4. opa1

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    I got the email a couple a weeks ago. Sorry you missed out.
  5. Thanks, fellows.
    My hope is that because of how quickly they sold out maybe next time they'll put more of the things together-- and that maybe it won't take them a year to do it. Fingers crossed, etc.
  6. opa1

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    They are SLOW! I can't figure out why they don't put together more kits. They always sell out.
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    Quick tip - if you click and drag the email from the "Promotions" section to the "Primary" tab it will ask you if you want to do this with all mail from that sender, and if you OK that then it sets a rule which will make all future mail stay in that primary inbox. Where you get notified of the new mail.
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    Yeah, it's a pretty inept way to do business.
  9. Done. Thanks
  10. Good news. At long last, and after several delays, the folks at diyaudio are finally taking pre-orders for the ACA with an estimated delivery date of July 31. (What that actually means is anybody's guess.) They say the pre-order period will last about a week. So, now I wait (again) but this is a different, slightly more hopeful kind of waiting, so that's better, right?
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    They are working with a small bespoke company in Italy to produce the chassis to spec. Given that this is a DIY product and the DIYAudio store can't afford large runs, this is the easiest way for them to do business and support small enthusiast companies. Yeah, it sucks when you have to wait, but on the other hand, you are getting a Nelson Pass designed Class-A amplifier good for 7W (or bridgeable to 15W) for under $350.00 - an amp which will destroy many other, more costly amplifiers.

    Also, you can pre-order the amplifier as well. :)

  12. I'm really looking forward to building this amp. Not crazy about the wait but since at this stage of the game I'm better at soldering my fingers than soldering anything else I figure I can use the time to practice a bit. Somewhere on the internet there's a picture of one of these amps put together by an eight year old. That's the level I'm shooting for. And, yes, I do realize I'm probably being overly optimistic but a boy can dream, can't he? (Seriously, that kid had some skills.)
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    As circuit boards go, the ACA board is pretty well designed for the novice. Not a ton of components, no surface mounts, and the board traces are durable in case you need to go over your solder joints a few times. Get some small hemostats for clamping on transistor legs to prevent overheating, use small-gauge solder, and keep your iron nice and hot, and nice and clean (either wet sponge or tip cleaning brass wool). You should do fine if you practice a bit beforehand.

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  14. Thanks, I really appreciate the advice. Don't be shocked if I'm back begging for more of it in early August. (If the ACA arrives on schedule.)
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    apropos of nothing (well, almost nothing) -- the title of this thread makes me think of this every time I see it. :)

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  16. The 80s, decade of the visual non sequitur.
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    Love this song...

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  19. I'm waiting too. Tried to resist but couldn't.
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    I figure my ACA 1.1 (or whatever you call the version with the 2.21k resistor) monoblocks only need the 24v PSU and a single resistor swap to be equivalent to the new offering. The only downside is no provision for strapping, which I can live with.

    Either way, great amp for a great price.


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