Denon DL-103 Aluminum Body Cap

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to introduce a new aluminum body concept for the Denon DL-103. The Aluminum Body Cap -- or simply, the Cap.

    The Aluminum Body Cap provides all of the well documented advantages of other aftermarket bodies available: increased bass presence, improved soundstage and imaging, combined with remarkable tone.

    However, all other aftermarket bodies require the stock plastic body to be carefully removed from the cartridge, and most rely on the 'nude' cartridge being friction fit in the body with no mechanical connection to the headshell. Some aftermarket bodies require adhesive potting and adding excessive mass.

    The Cap is not a modification: it is an accessory. The Cap is completely removable, transferable, and greatly reduces the risk of damage to the cartridge. The Cap securely bolts through the stock cartridge body and headshell, providing a firm, mechanical connection.

    I would like to offer a FREE SHIPPING discount code for members until the end of September: HIFIHAVEN

    See discussion from

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    I have a 103 that I’ve been wanting to play with body mods. This looks like an easy place to start. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, I have a history with the Ana-Might stone body (which is gorgeous), the original aluminum Midas body, and various other eBay wood and metal bodies. The Cap is comparable in sound to the Stone and Midas bodies; I did not like the various others.

    Installation is super simple: Slide it over the cartridge and remount.
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  4. Some of the issues with the plastic body are the poor resonant frequency control and flimsy mounting arrangement. The aluminum and wood bodies of the past helped the resonant issues but did not address the mounting issues: the nude plastic body sled was friction fit in the aluminum body. The Zu and Paradox bodies address both these issues by potting the nude DL103 in the aluminum body; The expensive Musikraft bodies use tiny set screws to secure the nude DL103. ...While these are all great options, the Cap was designed as an alternative to 'nuding' the cartridge in the first place.

    The Cap is a secure fit to the plastic body and the cartridge bolts join the plastic and aluminum together. When mounted to the headshell, the cartridge bolts couple the plastic body and the Aluminum Body Cap together. The mixed material coupling reduces unwanted vibration, improves isolation and increases rigidity of the system. In a way this is much like the mix material layer dampening we use in DIY plinths. The two materials mix and reenforce each other. The resonate control is fantastic. As well the mounting arrangement from cart to Cap to headshell is superb.
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    Order placed. :)

    Used the "HIFIHAVEN" code and it zero'd out the shipping. :)

    Thank you for waiving the shipping for the Havenites. :)
  6. Thanks to those who took advantage of the free shipping code throughout September. I'd love to hear your comments after you've spent some time with The Cap installed in your system.
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    Thank you very much, I received mine. :)

    This will give me an opportunity to mount up the Audio Technica ATP12T I just got on the Micro Seiki RX1500VG, insert a Denon DL103 into the Aluminum Body Cap, mount the combined 103/cap in an Audio Technica high mass headshell, get everything balanced up and then listen to some great music. :)
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  8. Awesome, I have great updated user feedback to add to the site shortly. Also, I'm hoping for two 'high profile' reviews to publish some time this fall... fun times.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends out there.
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    Thank you, Steven!
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    I saw that as well... dang it, I was trying to resist the urge... now this. ;)
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  14. Do it...!
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    You can do it. ;)

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  16. I dropped off a piece of gear for repairs today, and left with $120 of LPs and a pair of Belle Klipsch...
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    I may have to cave as well. Maybe I should put it on my Xmas wish list...
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    Don't you also have a set of Altec 604's?
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    You say that like it's a bad thing. ;) ;)

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