Did the forum "font" change?

Discussion in 'The Rules and Haven News' started by Don C, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Don C

    Don C Active Member

    I read the forum on a few different computers. I noticed that yesterday (or the day before) there seemed to be a few server hiccups - delays, double/triple posts, and whatnot - but didn't think much of it. Today, I notice that the font across the top 'HOME FORUMS MEMBERS" etc. is different. Did my computer catch a cold?
  2. Olson_jr

    Olson_jr Active Member

    I noticed the double/triple posts and a slight timbre change but noticed nothing font wise.
  3. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    I haven't changed anything. :)
  4. Ernie

    Ernie Activated

    I haven't seen any change on my computer.
  5. MikeT.

    MikeT. Senior Member

    I did see a triple post from @Ernie but nothing else.

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