EML 45's

Discussion in 'Tube Gear' started by inthewoods, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. inthewoods

    inthewoods AARP Member

    Got these for a song. Quite nice actually. DSC_0448.JPG
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  2. marantzfan

    marantzfan Administrator Staff Member

    Ill bet. They look huge; like 300bs!

    It looks like the 45 has become your SET tube of choice. I still have yet to hear one.
  3. Got some eml 20Bs for a song. Now to make them drive something.
  4. billfort

    billfort Administrator Staff Member

    Very nice! They appear to be the mesh-plates, correct?

    EML's have a reputation for being fragile but they sure do sound nice - at least the 45 or 300Bs I've heard. I held on to my 300B pair which was close to the top of all I've ever tried, just need to get the amps done so I can hear them again.

    Really want to try their 2A3 mesh but the price is... Waiting for a pair for a song. :)
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  5. inthewoods

    inthewoods AARP Member

    Mesh plates, correct. Got these 4 5 C-notes. Hugh compared to everyday 45's. This unit needs a new top plate. DSC_0451.JPG

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