Field Coils anyone ?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by airdronian, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. airdronian

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    Now, I'm not a card-carrying horn speaker guy or anything but these were kind of interesting. They were just being played at a background level while I was there, and even then had this sort of big, effortless quality to them. I knew that there could be folks here that might like the pics. This is a Line Magnetic Field Coil speaker system.


    Here's the power supply:


    Going back there tomorrow to look at some..... Harbeths.
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  2. Celt

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    Way out of my playhouse...but me likes nonetheless...
  3. David

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    Would love to....will a “one day” have any chance here? Lol
  4. mhardy6647

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  5. airdronian

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    There's a tonne of Line Magnetic gear in this shop. The two ways were nice looking. A number of amps in the old school fashion I guess you could say. When I demo'd the speakers they were hooked up to a Line Magnetic 125 integrated amp - single ended 211's with a couple of 6SN7 and a trio of 12ax7. This brand is really interesting but typically above my pay grade.
  6. David

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    what options do ppl have for this ancient tech anyway?
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  8. Redboy

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    Man... I'd like to build a Tungar supply for my drivers but I don't even know where to start.
  9. mhardy6647

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    Uhh -- with some Tungar tubes?

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  10. billfort

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    This store wasn't in Calgary was it? (hope not because I just spent a week there and didn't visit it! :) ).

    My last brush with field-coils was also Line Magnetics - the 755i which I heard a few years ago at a Toronto audio show. They weren't all that impressive in the usual 'hi-end' way with high-highs and thundering bass, but man, did they make sweet music. Of all the stuff at that show, some of it that cost more than my house, it was those field-coils (and the Line Magnetic 845 amp) that I kept going back to to just enjoy some music.

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    Definitely my kind of audio gear. :)
  12. airdronian

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    @billfort I'm sorry to say that it IS in Calgary, in the NE not far from Cabela's that you can see from the QE2 highway. It's kind of hit and miss to find people in it though, despite the regular opening hours. The owner has a shop next door basically.

    If folks are heading this way from out of town, I can assist getting in there as best I can. There is a good amount of Line Magnetic there, some impressive speakers and amps. Quite a bit of Cayin amps there too, which is another worthy Chinese brand IMO.
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  13. David

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    Had a Cayin 88...pretty good amp if your taste is in modern gear
  14. mhardy6647

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    perhaps the finest encapsulation of what some of us are in hifi for (and, yes, I know you saw it already, but I cannot resist -- umm -- echoing it).

  15. billfort

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    So I drove right by it a dozen times last week...nice. Live and learn I guess, and I'll be sure to contact you and check it out next time I'm there.
  16. The circuit is actually very basic stuff choke/cap and you can use one of the western electric ones off the web.

    Transformers and chokes can be made of sourced SH if the amperage your after is low otherwise get them wound is no big deal. The enclosures can be an issue depending on size, sockets and tubes off the wicked bay of all fortunes...or look for g40 sockets.

    I used to make for clients getting some of my horns

    Using tungars can seem scary....but they do a very good job.
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  17. billfort

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    Whoa, very interesting site Gurney! Welcome to HiFiHaven!
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  18. TubeHiFiNut

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    Welcome to The Haven, @Gurney Timothy :)

    Very glad you found us. :)

    13 Audio looks to be a very interesting site. Really look forward to hearing more.

    Please stop by the Introductions and Member Systems room and tell us a little about yourself and your systems. :)
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  19. Redboy

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    Hi Tim, I am glad to see you here! I've been a fan of your work for years, and have enjoyed your blog and posts on Lenco Heaven and other circles...

    Yes, these Feastrex drivers are low current -- less than an amp -- and low voltage, needing between 6v and 10v. Can Tungar run that low? Can you recommend a circuit to start with?

    Thanks for weighing in. And someday... someday in my dream system I would like to run a pair of your gorgeous replica horns! :)

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