Finishing off a project WE310A/300B

Discussion in 'Tube Gear' started by Tleung, May 1, 2018.

  1. I started this project will Bill around 8 years ago. Never got to finish it. This was started off as a 2A3 than I changed my mind to a 45. Finally I decided going to build a WE310A/300B when I found few pair of WE310A in my collection. I had been collecting parts and laying out where everything go. I had hard time mounting the 10V filament transformer. I also changed the power switch from the front to the back.This is a stainless steel chassis and drilling extra hole is not an option. So I made a special adapter that will fix the 10V trans and the romm for the Bridge Rectifier. 20180424_203508.jpg 20180424_203443.jpg 20180424_203409.jpg 20180501_082544.jpg 20180501_082632.jpg They are all James transformers and choke. ELNA Cerafine electrolytic capacitors.
  2. marantzfan

    marantzfan Administrator Staff Member

    Now this looks like fun! Do you have a schematic that you don’t mind sharing?
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  3. J-ROB

    J-ROB Senior Member

    You know there is a 6V version of the 310A called 328A. That's what I used to use, but they probably aren't free anymore.

    I have three or four projects at about that level of completion. Good that you are making the move!

    I got a lot of enjoyment out of my 310A/300B amps over the years. Might build one more pair someday...
  4. WE328A cost up to 700.00 usd now. Too rich for me. :)
  5. Very cool!
  6. J-ROB

    J-ROB Senior Member

    Yeah, man, I feel your pain. i found 6 or 8 pieces of 310As in my stash recently and I'm thinking I could get a nice used car in exchange.

    Also found a couple 274s, a 350B, and an engraved 300B I forgot that I had. H'mm, maybe I should organize this stuff?

    Truth be told, when I was building and listening to 91 style amps, I really didn't hear much if any difference between 310A/328A and 6C6...and this was 25-30 years ago when I could still hear and cared about micro-differences.

    But 310As do look badass and, if you got 'em, might as well use 'em.
  7. je2a3

    je2a3 Junior Member

    Nice chassis and iron! Which reminded me that I have a pair of James 200H @15ma. plate chokes, have to find use for them. Go for 6C6 or type 77s, they are affordable and sound good.
  8. So 6J7 is same as 6C6 but a different base and 77 is just a very small different to 6C6. They all have the same sound characteristic?
  9. I am deciding which design I am going build. I will post few schematic tonight.
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  10. Thermionics

    Thermionics Post Whore In Training

    Hell, those Cerefines are probably $600 worth of electrolytics, too! If you decide to name this amp, may I suggest 'The Money Pit'? :D

    (I have an amp with a pair of 100uF/100uF Cerefines that work great, but damn, they have gotten expensive in the last 20 years!)

  11. J-ROB

    J-ROB Senior Member

    Hahaha, I found four dual section Cerafines in my stash too...100/100 and 50/50. They were OK but not sure they deserved quite the hype they received, second in hype only to Black Gates, which are also not that super great to my ears.

    See, we can make money on past audio investments!
  12. je2a3

    je2a3 Junior Member

    Electrically they are all the same AFAIK, but I prefer the sound of 6C6 and 77 to the 6J7 and 6SJ7. Maybe I was seduced by the sexy bottle and grid cap? ;)
  13. J-ROB

    J-ROB Senior Member

    At least you realize you have a problem...
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  14. Hmm I do have few 77 store some where. Maybe a new project:dance!!!!!!

    How a bout those sexy EF37 red bottle are they any good?
  15. LOL I bought 20 to 30 of them when they were very cheap. I still have some left and also some Blackgate also.
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  16. je2a3

    je2a3 Junior Member

    Sorry no experience with that Euro chick. ;)
  17. Thermionics

    Thermionics Post Whore In Training

    I have a couple of unused 220/220 @ 350V Cerefines I'm saving for a rainy day, but all my high-voltage cans have been used up. :(

    You were very smart with your hoarding!

  18. J-ROB

    J-ROB Senior Member

    Sell them and buy a car!

    I like Rifa and Spragues better anyway...
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  19. billfort

    billfort Administrator Staff Member

    Now where have I seen an amp like that before? :)


    Always wondered what happened to it's sibling but I see it's now destined for greater things.

    Mine however, is staying just as it is. Don't know if it was dumb-ass beginner hacker's luck, a great mentor ( :) ) or that old saying that it's pretty damn hard to build a bad sounding 2A3, but this amp just works for me on the Altecs - don't think I've touched it other than tubes and flipping between 2A3 & 45 mode in about a decade.

    Now I'm motivated to dust that other stillborn project off from way back then; those Electraprint OT 300B monos. I know we planned on a different layout but I have those chassis sitting there gathering dust with a pair of C3m tubes tucked away...
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  20. Well Bill after this 310A/300B the C3M 300B Mono block is on my next to finish project. :) They are all layout in my work room.
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