GPA New Alnico 604-8E Duplex!

Discussion in 'High Efficiency' started by marantzfan, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Hate to see what the price is? A while back they had new 8G's with alinco drivers. Now it looks like they took those motors and put the current HIII horn on them.
  3. Thermionics

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    That's no Heresy III horn...
  4. Thermionics

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    And would it kill GPA to put prices on their offerings?
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  5. Ernie

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    Apparently, it would, yes.
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    Imagine your price, and put another zero at the end ( but before the decimal point) :)
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    I should say that I don't begrudge GPA a penny of the price of their goods or their services! Dollar for dollar (and, yes, I understand they've recently had a substantial price increase) the GPA drivers still seem to me to be a veritable bargain in modern hifi.

    I figure any fine pair of loudspeakers under $10k (all in) are cheap in the spectrum of hifi loudspeakers in the Year of Our Loud 2018.

  8. Audionut

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    So who’s buying a set to put them up against all the variants we have?:D
  9. Punker X

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    Thought just crossed my mind to call Bill and for price is and what and if my H III's have a trade in value? Tax returns are not that far off.
  10. Thermionics

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    I'm ashamed to say I've never heard an Altec 604.
  11. mhardy6647

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    you're outta here!


    no, but seriously, you should experience them, or another good coax, if you haven't.
    You won't, from my perspective, find much better MR than that produced by the classic Duplexes. Full stop. :)
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  12. Thermionics

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    Anyone in the Seattle-ish area with a set who'll let me take a listen? :)
  13. My first high-efficiency speaker was a GPA 604-8H II with the standard GPA crossover. I built a JE Labs style open baffle and drove them with 300B SE amps. Unfortunately they never pushed the right buttons for me. I had plans all set for building a set of large MLTL cabinets but ended up selling the drivers instead. I do understand the appeal of the 604, and I strongly suspect a vintage 604 would sound better than the GPA version. However, I could never get over what I heard as some sort of roughness and a dip in the response in the crossover region. Also, despite the "point source" advantage of the 604 coaxial design, it was not as coherent as my Jensen P15LL/802/32 speakers.
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  14. I've never heard 604s either but I've been intrigued by them for a long time. Unfortunately, I'm at the stage now where I'm trying to move away from big speakers. Still, if I were to run across a pair for the right price....
  15. mhardy6647

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    Lafayette's got ya covered!


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  16. Lafayette is Your One Dependable Source for Everything.
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  17. Thermionics

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    I do have a set of Pioneer PIM-8L mechanical two-ways (aka Lafayette SK98)...
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  18. Hey, I have a pair of those too. Fairly sure there're also some SK-58s around here somewhere.
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  19. John Frum

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    Oh, come off it, you guys! This thread's been up for almost two days and not one of you has contacted GPA for a quote?!?!

    I call BS!
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  20. opa1

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    OK I called Bill. Right now the price of the driver is 2200.00 each. He said to wait because they are in the process of talking about the price range. They will be 8ohm. 16ohm at special request. They are also going to offer a XO for the "E's".
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