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Discussion in 'Music' started by airdronian, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. airdronian

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    Hello Havenites,

    On the 18th I posted in the Jazz Playlist thread about the Jerome Sabbagh release "The Turn". And noted that he was intending to release a new album on vinyl.

    Minutes ago a message landed in my Inbox - informing of the Kickstarter project to fund the new release called "No Filter". :biggrin:

    They used Kickstarter for "The Turn" as well. I learned of the release via Michael Fremer's Analog Planet website. And now they looking to fund "No Filter" as well.

    Link is below. If this is something that interests you, please consider joining the project. I am.
  2. Thanks @airdronian! I just came across your post and joined the forum.

    I wanted to let people know that the vinyl is definitely going ahead. I'm in the process of evaluating some test tracks from Bernie Grundman on one song. We're trying to pick the best one. I think they sound great and so far, it's "just" 96/24. I can't wait to hear how the vinyl turns up. The Kickstarter is still online for another two weeks and is here. Thank you for your support!

    Jerome Sabbagh
  3. airdronian

    airdronian Junior Member

    Hi Jerome,

    It didn't take very long to meet your goal on Kickstarter, it may even fully fund itself. I made posts on a couple of sites to help spread the word.

    I enjoyed "The Turn" and look forward to the new release. I really appreciate the fact that you're going the extra mile to provide us with an excellent sounding LP. Maybe this will inspire other artists as well.

    I just saw your post about the Hank Jones release and will check that out. Thanks for joining here.

  4. Thanks a lot for your support @airdronian! I really appreciate it. The Hank Jones record is great. He's one of my favorite pianists.
  5. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    Ok. I'm gonna have to look into this.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Please let me know if the Haven can help somehow.
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  6. Thanks @Prime Minister! I believe some members here have already supported the Kickstarter, which I'm very grateful for. I discovered the Haven through @airdronian 's post. There are 14 days left for anyone else to back. We're hoping to get to our break even point of $18500. We will see! Spreading the word, here or elsewhere, definitely helps a lot.

    Another thought: if enough members of the Haven are into it, they could band together and back the Kickstarter as a group. $200 backing gets anyone an official thanks on the jacket of the LP. That could be a thank you to the Haven. If there is enough interest, I'm happy to put together a reward package for you to make this happen. Just a thought. No pressure. I'm grateful for the support here and I don't want to be pushy. PM me if you want or we can discuss here.

    Otherwise, we settled on the best sounding test master from Bernie Grundman at 96/24. We think it sounds great and can't wait to hear the vinyl!
  7. As a thank you for the support on this board, I wanted to share a couple of preview tracks with you. They are streaming here:

    Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman gave us a few options to choose from in the beginning and, after extensive listening, we ended up going with no EQ, which allowed us to bypass the mastering board for an even purer signal path.

    For the vinyl, Bernie has cut a test lacquer of a song two ways, one on his solid state lathe and one on his tube lathe. We’re going to pick the one that sounds best to us to cut the vinyl directly from the tape.

    I hope you will enjoy the music and consider supporting this project, if you haven’t done so already. There are 5 days left:

    I have a master at 96/24 and if anyone here would like to hear the tracks at 96/24, please PM me and I will happily send a link.

    Thank you!

    Jerome Sabbagh
  8. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    Thanks very much, Jerome.
  9. airdronian

    airdronian Junior Member

    I finally got to try the two preview tracks that I downloaded via the link that backers were sent.

    "No Road" and "You Are On My Mind" are the titles, and if this is any indication of the direction the album goes then I will be one happy camper ! Fine compositions, and quality sonics. Well done Jerome !
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  10. Update: we are definitely going with the tube lathe for the vinyl! While both versions of the test track sounded very good, the one made with the tube lathe sounds better tonally, more involving, more realistic. I can't wait to hear the whole record like this!

    One day left on the Kickstarter ...
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  11. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    I'm in. :)
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  12. Thank you @TubeHiFiNut !!!
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  13. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    Looking forward to that beautiful analog vinyl record. :)
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  14. airdronian

    airdronian Junior Member

    Another step in the Kickstarter process occurred today. Backers got a link to check out a video the studio made of Bernie Grundman cutting some vinyl as part of the production process. Fascinating.

    I checked with Jerome and got the OK to post this here. Spot the VTV sticker !
  15. airdronian

    airdronian Junior Member

    Another brief video on the upcoming release "No Filter". Looking forward to the vinyl.

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