New UK member drawn in by the ripping SACD's thread

Discussion in 'Introductions and Member Systems' started by serendipitydawg, Dec 8, 2018 at 10:36 AM.

  1. Title says it all. I've done this so I don't get an admin "finger wagging" at me when I post on that thread.

    Bought my first music in 1967, I'm retired & listen to music not formats or bits of gear. Currently besotted with the wonders of computer audio (can software really sound different?) but haven't given up on vinyl (or cassettes!). I have a turntable that plays 78's (but don't have any shellac discs)
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    Welcome @serendipitydawg . When new members arrive I've seen they can be asked to provide an introduction; I think it's to provide some context for other members to understand where the new person is coming from in terms of equipment and general outlook.

    I wouldn't call it "finger wagging" - this is a friendly place here.
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    Welcome to The Haven, @serendipitydawg :)

    As our esteemed fellow Havenites have pointed out, no finger wagging intended.

    The Haven is a very friendly place where folks who enjoy our hobby from many different perspectives are able to interact and learn from each other.

    Glad you found us through the SACD ripping tutorial that @MikeyFresh put together and was kind enough to share here. Looking forward to your posts and contributions. :)
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    Welcome to HFH, another new member from across the pond!

    I'm wondering if you've already started ripping SACDs, or are you just now putting that plan in action?

    Certainly no finger wagging is forthcoming, however the posting of links or uploading of files (for instance) may cause a short delay if the content triggers the need for moderation/admin approval, standard for new members with low or no post count.

    Once again welcome aboard and please do tell us more about your system(s).

    PS - IMO different software can/does sound different, probably because it influences the hardware into sounding different.
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  7. This is the software that prompted my comment. My inner sceptic said this was nonsense, but when I listened to it, wow! It's a very hair shirt lean Linux that loads into memory. Doesn't even have mouse control ! Keyboard only. Wtf = what the f--- apparently:D
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    Welcome to the HFH community!
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    Welcome to the Haven! The closest thing we have to finger wagging is asking to please post system pic’s. Can’t wait to see/read your system post!

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