OK, youse guyses, I am a sucka for cheap horns

Discussion in 'High Efficiency' started by mhardy6647, May 24, 2018.

  1. ARX


    There's a fair amount of Altec/WE heritage incorporated in these speakers.
    Even though they appear otherwise, the big cabinets are horn loaded as well.
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  2. mhardy6647

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    I will resist the temptation to attach the 'splodin head GIF again... but I do think I may be havin' an acid flashback -- or is that horn meltin'? :p
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  3. ARX


    ;) It's the result of numerical modeling and pressure acoustics to optimize the "flow'' inside the horn, which leads to better loading and radiation.

    I always thought these horns are melting...

    GOTO SG-370DX mid range compression drivers and matching S-600 horns.JPG
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  4. Wntrmute2

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    Not cheap (as compared to PE stuff) but great sounding. The "Bow Tie" Emilar horn from our forum denizen Woody. Slapped the 806A drivers on and fired the rig up. Very nice and smooth. I have them tilted down 1.5 degrees to hopefully make up for the increased center to center difference from the dual 414 woofers. I have not really experimented with the degree of tilt. There is a pair of 802D drivers hiding in the cabinets but giving them a try means r&r 44 screws. Interestingly, I had to reverse polarity on them as they measure out of phase with the woofers as compared with the 811 horns. I suspect the horn is slightly shorter.
    Thanks Woody!

    IMG_20181110_102042.jpg IMG_20181110_102055.jpg
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  5. mhardy6647

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    mmmm... bowties.

    I keep meanin' to acquire a pair of those.

    As to removing forty-four screws -- I mean...

  6. The 18x10s are the ones I will be using with EV DH1As, and some DIY Belle bass bins.
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    That should work quite well.

    My Klipsch Belle journey has taken me from stock Belles to using the bass bin, stock AA crossover and mid driver with Community BRH90 mid horns and Pyramid/Sequerra T1 Ribbon tweeters. (I dubbed the combination the "FrankenKlipsch" after the @mhardy6647 "FrankenAltec" speakers. ;) )

    This combination can be driven louder than I care to listen by any of my SE amps (3 watts/channel up to 18 watts/channel).

    Sounds really, really good. Incredible emotional connection to the music. :)
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  8. I will be going active on mine with 2 MiniDSP 8x8 for crossovers for 7 channels.
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    I'm just a simple 2-channel analog guy. ;)
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  10. I got into active crossovers with my last setup since I know zero about making a good crossover, and was told by several friends I can use a MINIDSP (or other digital crossovers), and it will work at least as good as a analog crossover. I was able to use REW, and post up screen shots, and others helped me get them dialed in...sounded great, so I will do my next 2 sets of speakers the same way.

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