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Discussion in 'All Things Digital' started by MikeyFresh, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. MikeyFresh

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    Over in the Moode Audio thread I recently posted about the possibility of the Radio Paradise FLAC stream becoming a feature in the imminent release of Moode 4.3, but based on comments from the developer it appears that will wait until RP publishes an API that he can more easily work with for proper integration.

    However, a very similar lean-Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi called Volumio, does have a working Radio Paradise plug-in right now that allows streaming their 16-bit/44.1kHz (CD-quality) FLAC channel on a Raspberry Pi!

    Apparently this feature has been available in Volumio since sometime in May but has largely flown under the radar.

    I won't say it's been 100% perfect for me, sometimes playback just stops and has to be restarted, though veteran internet radio enthusiasts might indicate thats nothing too surprising or unique.

    After downloading and installing Volumio 2.4 onto a microSD card and booting it on a Raspberry Pi3b+, it was a simple click to install and activate the Radio Paradise plug-in:


    Then a look at the Browse tab for music sources reveals Radio Paradise with it's own badge/icon, fully separate of the other "Web Radio" stations:


    Clicking the RP option above gives a choice of various different quality streams, including the lossless one:


    Click that FLAC stream from the list and...


    I will keep Volumio on one of my Raspberry Pi units for this feature alone. Radio Paradise is really great when you need someone else besides you to be the eclectic DJ, while you chill out in an easy chair.
    Beyond very highly recommended!
  2. billfort

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    Very nice! It's great to see support out there for the Radio Paradise CD quality/FLAC stream, RP has become one of my main sources and to be honest, listening to their FLAC stream (off-line in the car or outside using a portable speaker) has formed the bulk of my listening this summer. "Beyond very highly recommended!" indeed.
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  3. je2a3

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    @MikeyFresh - I have Radio Paradise enabled on my second RPi3B+/Volumio serving the mono hi-fi system in the living room. I like having BOTH moOde and Volumio.:smile:
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  4. airdronian

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    Thanks for that - I may have to revisit Volumio sometime.
  5. Mortsnets

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    I have Volumio for Spotify, adding the Radio Paradise plugin took about 2 minutes and now I'm listening to the Flac stream, thanks.

    Wow my RPi + Allo Boss DAC sounds better than I thought it could.
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  6. Don Ivey

    Don Ivey Junior Member

    I’ve recently discovered a new flac internet radio station you can access through Roon called Jukebox Radio 2. It sounds great and has become my new “go to” station. Give it a try and report back. Same sort of music as RP.
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