Sold My Lumin S1 and Purchased an Aurender N10

Discussion in 'All Things Digital' started by Projectman, May 27, 2018.

  1. The S1 sounded excellent and hit all the right notes, but I felt the DAC was lacking something. I own a PS Audio Directstream DAC, it is currently used for TV audio via TOSLINK, which is not using it to its potential. I have the Bridge II Card in the Directstream DAC, but I don’t care for the available applications to use the Bridge II.

    I feel the N10 with 8TB of local storage and an onboard 256GB SSD for playback will give me the best available music server and free the system from using a NAS as a source.The N10 will additionally give the option of trying different DACs in the future. The S1 was used when purchased as well as the N10. The N10 will be here at the end of the week. I came out ahead in $$$ moving to the N10.

    Any Lumin or Aurender users here that have experience connecting to a Directstream DAC?
  2. Just a follow-up to my post above. It was a mistake to sell the Lumin S1. The Aurender N10 connected to th PS Audio Directstream DAC didn’t sound as good as the L1...sigh...

    Sometimes chasing after something better results in something worse. I sold the A10 after a couple of weeks and fortunately didn’t lose money, but made a few hundred dollars!
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    Sorry to hear..... :(

    Hopefully a pristine Lumun S1 (or better) will cross your path soon. :)

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