The Metal Reimagining of Pink Floyd’s The Wall

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    There is a new "The Wall" release out:

    From the "Metal Sucks" website:

    "We’ve been monitoring the progress of The Wall [Redux], a metal reimagining of Pink Floyd’s classic 1979 album, since news of the compilation first seeped out over a year and a half ago. Today, finally, the compilation — which features covers by The Melvins, Pallbearer, ASG, Ruby the Hatchet and many, many more — sees the light of day via Magnetic Eye Records!"

    Listened to parts of it via the site (low rez) and it is kind of interesting - hard to make The Wall uninteresting - but I am not sure that it is something I will purchase.

    If one wants a current Pink Floyd experience, I gravitate more to Brit Floyd - more of a tribute rather than reimagining.

    Others may really enjoy this release and it would be nice to hear your opinions. :)

    Just my opinion. :)
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    You are most welcome. :)

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