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    The TPA chip based amps have been around for a good while now. The TPA3116D2 started a new way to get very good sound quality without taking up space or draining your wallet.

    The units are powered by switching power supplies. These can be simple wallwarts, laptop bricks or upgraded to linear power supplies.

    There are many vendors supplying versions of the TPA3116D2. Boards are available for the DIY crowd as well as fully built versions with bluetooth capabilities.

    There are more TPA chipped amps available now. They sport higher power and improved sound quality.

    Many of the TPA based amps have been discussed here at the Haven in various threads. What I would like is for everyone that's tried or owns the TPA/3XXX would post them up here.

    I've had a TPA3116D2 with a Pyramid power supply PS3KS on my desk running 24/7 for a few years. I've used various speakers from Dayton B652 to Altec 604's. I've used it with a phono stage and with outboard DAC's. My son uses the TPA/Bluetooth with the B652's for a truck tailgate system using the trucks 12vdc battery for power. This works great for outdoor activities.

    So post up! Tell us what you think. :)
    EDIT: I have added the Tripath amps to the thread.
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  2. Prime Minister

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    What is a TPA amp?
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  3. Celt

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    To Pee Announced...
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  6. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    How do you like the TPA/Cornwall combination? Strengths? Challenges? :)
  7. opa1

    opa1 Moderator Staff Member

    I can see I'm going to get spanked already. I know most of you here use the boards but, for a "Doorway product" I would think a complete assembled unit. Your opinions on the boards and the sound quality, combos should still fit here. :)
  8. opa1

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  9. MikeT.

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    As a follow up, does TPA stand for something like “transistor power amp”?
  10. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    I like "plug & play". :)

    The "plug & play" TPA-3250 amp I ordered has been shipped. :)
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  11. opa1

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    Not sure. From what I have found, seems Transmit power amplifier might be it.
  12. Prime Minister

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    Exactly. The Doorway is meant for folks new to the hobby. I doubt nowadays any newbies would start by building their own gear.
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  13. rogerfederer

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    i've now bought a lot of the TPA family amps. all boards and then built enclosures. i can say the sound is very detailed. i really like it. i'm curious about the 3250 amps. i have the Texas Intruments TPA 3250EVM evaluation board and run it with battery power. good bass, good balance, super detailed (which i like). i'd love to find a good finished version. also waiting on the updated Volt+ from here is the current assembled version: i'd recommend this to anyone.
  14. PJ62

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    I am one of the most mechanically ungifted people you will ever meet, so the little premade units are great! I started a few years ago with one of those Topping tripaths that was quite pleasant, then migrated to a YJ board a friend of mine built to look like one of those Fleawatt amps. That was better so the Topping was moved on. Last Christmas I moved to an SMSL 3118 unit and got an FX Audio 6J1 tube buffer/preamp. Even better! Replaced the Chinese tubes with Telefunkens, and it makes for a very pleasant near field setup driving some 1960s 5" Goodmans full range speakers IMG_1323[1].JPG IMG_1324[1].JPG
  15. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

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  16. PJ62

    PJ62 Junior Member

    I noticed that with the 3118 alone, the sound was very detailed, good left to right but flat. With the buffer I lose a little of the detail and a little of the left to right, but the front to back depth of the sound appears, and it makes for a more 3D image. Would love to try that Schiit Saga (and a couple of other things from Schiit), and there seems to be quite a buzz about the new 3250s, maybe next Christmas? :chin
  17. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    The TPA-3250 "plug & play" amp that I have on the way is the FX502SPRO ($70 from eBay ) I ordered mine (same price) through Amazon but that listing is no longer available.

    Knowing myself as I do, I'll inevitably get a Schiit Saga to see what it can do. ;)
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  18. Martin G

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    This is the "plug and play" TPA3118 amp that I was using with the Cornwalls.
    I liked it just fine. I had been looking for a simple amp with minimal controls for my wife and son to use in the living room system for gaming and the TV. I liked the sound and it certainly was simple. I pulled it out of the living room because we got a flat screen TV for Christmas that sounds fine by itself and has remote volume control (which the wife likes very much).
    Mounting the TV on the wall made space available on the top of the cabinet between the speakers. I filled the space with a Denon DP-1200 and Get Set Go amp running 6B4Gs. The tube amp has a warmer, more full bodied sound than the TPA amp. I think I may move the TPA3118 amp into the bedroom.
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  19. mfrench

    mfrench Senior Member

    I've been using one for a few years now; a couple +
    I run mine into a pair of Bozak b302a It is fed by a Schiit DAC of some form (ModiUber?), and a Pioneer Elite DVD-A player. Powered by a Pyramid PS.
    I love it.

    My "big rig" is a Plinius 8200 SS AB integrated -> Soliloquy 6.3 pair.
    While I find nothing wrong with this rig, it has not been turned on in over a year and a half. And this big rig even has a remote control that the TPA amp does not, and my lazy ass hasn't minded having to manually change the volume.

    This little cigar box has become my daily driver.

    DSCN2443.jpg DSCN2441.jpg DSCN2440.jpg
  20. John Frum

    John Frum Junior Member

    Lots more fish in the sea besides TI and Tripath chips.

    How about "The Class D Mini Amp Doorway"?
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