Tubes in the bedroom....Oh My.....

Discussion in 'Tube Gear' started by S0und Dragon, May 6, 2018.

  1. S0und Dragon

    S0und Dragon Junior Member

    With my main system pretty much stable....for now, I am turning to setting up a system in my room to enjoy tunes in the bedroom. Its also a super convenient reason to bring my beloved Scott 299C back on line.

    I have committed to buying a pair of Totem Rainmakers to pair up with her and a Bluesound Node 2 will be joing this setup to feed the tunes. I kind of want to keep it simple for now. We shall see how long that lasts.

    The Scott will need some tubes and I want to get her checked out for good measure. So it will be a week or so while that is being taken care of. I will pick up the speakers and amp on the same day and my Node is about 2 weeks out. This should be sweet!
  2. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    Outstanding! :)

    Sounds like it will be a very sweet system. :)
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  3. MikeT.

    MikeT. Senior Member

    Nice! Anything I’ve heard through Totems has been sweet indeed.
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  4. S0und Dragon

    S0und Dragon Junior Member

    Thanks guys. I have been really longing to hear my Scott amp again. I was supposed to be buying a 299D for restoration. I seem to have a real problem with staying away from projects.

    But the deal went down like the Hindenburg and left me with a real determination to see the project through. Being that I have a nice 299C already, it was probably a sign that I should just use that.
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  5. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    Nothing at all wrong with listening to a nice 299C. :)
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  6. S0und Dragon

    S0und Dragon Junior Member

    Since this has become my System diary of sorts, I thought I would update the thread with the latest moves. I have ordered my Node 2 and will pick it up along with the Totem Rainmakers on Saturday. My Scott will get some bench time for a quick check-up and have the Bias set. I picked up a fresh quad of JJ 7591's to hold me over till I can spring for a quad of Tung Sol's. This system should be ready sooner than planned.

    I also snagged an HH Scott 355 Multiplex on AK BT which was the last piece I needed to complete my Scott set up! When I first bought the amp, I had commisioned a cabinet from Dan at I had a few conversations with him and decided to make a full set of cabinets including for a yet unpurchased 355. Well.......7 years later and I am finally able to check that box and use this poor cabinet that has been in storage all this time.

    Now both my Tuner and the 355 work but have not been restored. So at some point, I will need to address that. For now, they will simply sit and look pretty which I am sure they will do. May look into "dressing the Node up a but to give it a more vintage look to better match the aesthetics of the Scott gear. Maybe a wood plinth of some kind? Feel free to chime in with suggestions here! I am really looking forward to completing this setup.
  7. S0und Dragon

    S0und Dragon Junior Member

    Spent a Day with the wonderful folks at Hudson HiFi today. Went to pick up a gently used pair of Totem Rainmakers and a new Bluesound Node! They were super nice. Had all my tubes tested on an amplitron tube tester and picked up a new quad of Sovtek 12ax7's. A very productive day. Only downside was that I didnt make it to hear the SP-10R today. Was kinda looking forward to that, but all in all a good day for HiFi and me. 20180519_134311.jpg

    On the bench getting a check up!


    New power tubes all biased and ready for duty.
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  8. S0und Dragon

    S0und Dragon Junior Member

    Couldn't wait to hear the rainmakers but it was too late and I was too tired to set up my bedroom system tonight. But I had to hear them sing. So I hooked them up to the Krell. They sounded great, even thrown together without much set up or placement.

  9. MikeyFresh

    MikeyFresh Moderator Staff Member

    I dig that vintage-looking mover's dolly/amp stand you have the Krell sitting on (dig the Rainmakers too).
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  10. S0und Dragon

    S0und Dragon Junior Member

    I think that Dolly is as old if not older than me!
  11. S0und Dragon

    S0und Dragon Junior Member

    Well with the bedroom getting a bit of a sprucing up, I decided to set up the system in my main listening space.


    The Scott 299c has wiped away any fears I had about pairing with the Totem Rainmakers. This is a very sweet, musical system. To be honest I am kind of liking it right where it is!

    I am also loving the simplicity of it all. Just the Scott, a Bluesound Node 2 and the rainmakers. I pair of DH Labs BL-1 between the amp and source. Speaker cables are some Monster cable 16 or 14 gauge copper wire with Rhodium plated banana plugs. Using Roon to control the Node 2. I am just a happy listener right now.

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