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  1. Hi everyone. Finally, my speaker project is completed. Took a long time. I changed the tweeter design to use two "bullet" tweeters each 20 degrees off center axis. This was done to expand the "sweet spot" as bullet tweeters are (as their name implies) extremely directional like bullets I also changed the mid range horn drivers to Emilar EC-175. I tried several other drivers that are designed to work down to 500 hz but I like these best.

    The six channel amplifier has 24 db crossover built in before the amplifier stages with crossover points at 500 and 5500 hz. Only 80 watts per each of six channels but it is an enormous amount of power when all is delivered straight to highly efficient horns and none lost in power robbing passive crossovers.

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    Looking impressive. What are the timber horns?
  3. David

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    If you can, pls also add the pics to the actual post by pressing “full image” when editing it.

    Or some Admin can do the job for us?
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    or a determined third party :)


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    Thanks @mhardy6647 not an easy task when you rely on an iPad
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    -- any comment on my part would tip my hand vis-a-vis my feelings about the Big Fruit from Cupertino :)

    (you know, the guys with a one trillion dollar market capitalization)

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    I take it you ain’t no fan of Jobs and what’s left behind him.
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    interesting ... how are you dealing with the phase alignment of the tweeters that are way in front of everything else?
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    In fairness, I reckon one would have the same problems manipulating images on an Android tablet, too.
    I am old school, still rockin' a laptop. An older laptop (Lenovo T430), in the present case. :)
  10. I am not dealing with it. It is simply not possible to correct phase alignment in this case because any misalignment changes as the frequency changes. In a perfect world, a single driver would provide best alignment which is the reason good headphones sound so good. But with large three way horn systems such as this, perfection is simply not possible. But excellence is possible so I get the reproduced sound as good as possible with what I have to work with. One of the most important things for me to get right was the crossover. The 24db crossover before the amplifier stages essentially "slams the door shut on the bass before the mid range enters in. Because of the huge difference in efficiency of the respective elements, I do not want the bass roll-off to overlap the mid roll-on as the curves are hugely different. Again, perfection is not possible but it was a remarkable improvement.
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    I would like to know more about the crossover setup. Any build pictures / documentation?
  12. Here is basic schematic of crossover and also tri-amp which uses the STK433-290 three channel thick film I/C. Very inexpensive to build and also easy and cheap to change crossover points.
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  14. Wow! . . . Wow! . . . Did I say "Wow?"

    Those are some beautiful cabinets and horns, my friend. I'm dying to have more info on the build.
    - Did you design the cabinet and horns yourself or build from plans?
    - Do you have any photos of the build process? Would love to see them.
    - Which woofer resides in that bass bin?
    - Have you done any measurements that you can share with us?
    - What species/type of veneer did you use?
    I could go on and on with questions - details, details. Fellow builders want to know.

    Did I say "Wow?"

  15. Hello GeeDeeEmm,
    Thanks for your kind remarks. First; you may see some of the way in which they were built in an earlier thread.
    This has been a hobby for quite some time. During Winter months, I am tempted to visit bars, bordellos, or
    enjoy the companionship of idiot protesters who have no idea what they are protesting but instead, I have
    pursued building speakers and other stuff. HUGE fun for me.

    Getting sound reproduction "right" has fascinated me since childhood. As most of us know, there have not been
    so many successes. Work done during the thirties, forties, and fifties...especially in the recording side of
    reproduction was impressive but not represented very much in the playback side. I was in awe of JBL when I
    first heard them as a very young man when I heard and saw my first Paragon. I heard highs like I never heard
    before. A trombone actually sounded like the one I heard live. The bass was not that "boomy" sound that usually
    came from a cheap twelve inch speaker in an open back box.

    When I have more time, I will post a few more photos taken during the build process. But please remember: This
    is just a hobby for me. I do not pretend to be a professional in any way...no engineering degree, no college, no
    high school...not much of anything related to formal education.
  16. Well, I think that's the case with most of us here. I know that's the case with me. No degrees - not in the EE area, anyway. All of my "knowledge" has been acquired by weeding thru the tens of thousands of posts by "experts" and "real experts." It takes a long time to determine those that actually know what they are talking about, but I latch onto those guys for all I'm worth and go from there.

    Looking forward to more pics of the cabinet-building process. That's the part I really admire.

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